Tax Law Advocates

The highly experienced tax attorneys at Moskowitz, LLP, are ready to use their substantial knowledge of tax law and their extensive courtroom experience to give you the best possible representation. If you need tax advice or if you are having tax troubles, whether you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing or have done some things you wish you hadn’t, we want to help.

  • Stephen Moskowitz
    Lead Tax Attorney
    Senior Partner
    Steve Moskowitz, Tax Attorney & Founder, Moskowitz, LLP
  • Elizabeth Prehn
    Attorney at Law
    Director of Practice Group Development
    Liz Prehn
  • Joseph Bray
    Tax Attorney
    Senior Associate
    Joseph Bray, Tax Attorney and Sr. Associate
  • Andrew Ford
    Tax Attorney
    Andrew Ford, Tax Attorney
  • Tyson R. Smith
    Attorney at Law
    Tyson R Smith
  • Chris Housh
    Attorney at Law
    Chris Housh, Enrolled Agent
  • Cliff Capdevielle
    Attorney at Law
    Cliff Capdevielle, Tax Attorney, Moskowitz LLP
  • Raquel Lazar-Paley
    Associate Attorney
    Manager of Estate Planning Group
  • Erin Humbles
    Firm Administrator
    Erin Humbles, Firm Administrator
  • Henry Young
    Director of Community Outreach and Education
    Henry Young, Director of Community Outreach and Education, Moskowitz LLP
  • Tina Vargas
    Tina Vargas, Paralegal
  • Jessica Herrera
    Jessica Herrera, Paralegal
  • Araceli Gelesic
  • Ellary Cohen
  • L.L. Crawley
  • Lacy Campbell
    Executive Assistant
  • Donique Dones
    Project Manager
    Donique Dones, Project Manager, Moskowitz LLP
  • Crystal Phyo
    Enrolled Agent
  • Erik Gholtoghian
    Enrolled Agent
  • Alan Wong
    Tax Preparer
  • Gerry O'Connell
    Tax Advisor, MBA and CTEC
  • Shawna Atalla
    Legal Assistant
    Shawna Atalla, Legal Assistant, Moskowitz LLP
  • Concepcion Castillo
    Tax Preparation
    Administrative Assistant
    Concepcion Castillo, Administrative Assistant
  • Sarah Sayles
    Tax Department
    Administrative Assistant
  • Josie Guevara
    Front Desk Coordinator