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Dawn Ogrentz

Client Engagement Specialist

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Personal Bio

Dawn Ogrentz is a dedicated and compassionate Client Engagement Specialist at Moskowitz LLP, where she serves as the front line for all incoming prospects. With 19 years of experience in the legal field, particularly in specialized customer service, Dawn brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She excels in setting appointments for clients to consult with attorneys, ensuring they receive the attention and assistance they need. Dawn’s commitment to understanding each client’s unique situation and providing empathetic support shines through in her interactions with people on a daily basis.

Since joining Moskowitz LLP, Dawn has demonstrated a strong affinity for her position, finding fulfillment in connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She appreciates the supportive and kind environment fostered by her colleagues, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in delivering exceptional client service. Dawn’s sympathetic ear and genuine desire to assist others make her a valuable asset to the firm, as she works tirelessly to ensure clients feel heard and understood as they navigate their journey through their cases.

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