State & Local Taxation

State and local taxation issues, if not properly managed, can have a significant impact on your personal and business finances, and subject you to considerable penalties. The state and local tax attorneys at Moskowitz, LLP ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcomes with even the most complicated state and local tax audits, investigations, collection matters, and tax litigation.

State income tax audits and disputes

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) administers individual and corporate income taxes and conducts audits and collections in the state. The FTB takes collections very seriously and is aggressive in pursuing state taxes, interest, and penalties. Our tax attorneys have “in the trenches” experience representing both individual and corporate clients in state tax disputes, including California income tax audits. Additionally, we have handled multistate tax cases including those involving residency and income-sourcing.

Sales tax audits and disputes

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration * (CDTFA), which enforces the state’s sales, use, and property tax laws and regulations, takes an aggressive approach to collect its revenue. We have successfully assisted California taxpayers with sales tax audits, tax evasion investigations, delinquent sales tax returns and payments, and sales tax litigation.

State and local tax investigations and collections

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and local taxing authorities conduct audits and tax investigations to verify that you have reported and paid your taxes and to initiate collection of any tax deficiency. If you are being investigated with regard to a state or local tax delinquency or criminal tax matter, our tax lawyers may be able to resolve your tax issue before any charges are filed.

California tax attorneys

If you are facing an audit, tax investigation, collection matter, or court action, take action immediately to protect your rights and business interests. Contact Moskowitz, LLP today.

* formerly the California Board of Equalization (BOE)

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