Why do I need a tax attorney? Won’t my CPA do just fine?

Actually, it’s not even close. With a tax attorney, you have attorney-client privilege, which protects everything you two talk about regarding your situation. With your CPA, you do not. The government can demand all the records of your conversations, and your CPA can even be called to testify against you. Only a tax lawyer can get you the best possible outcome.

Why Moskowitz LLP?

Many tax cases are highly complex and difficult to navigate, so it is crucial that you select the right firm for your needs. Moskowitz LLP has been helping domestic and international clients with their tax challenges for over 30 years. Founding partner Steve Moskowitz went from being a CPA to a tax attorney because he knew his clients needed more. The team at Moskowitz comprises the tax attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, tax processors, enrolled agents, and support staff that you need to give yourself the best possible chance in this situation. Our message is simple: Don’t go it alone against the IRS.

What’s the real cost of hiring a tax attorney?

Your first thought is often this: I owe the IRS money and now I have to pay expensive hourly fees for a lawyer on top of that? No way! At Moskowitz, there are no surprises. At the outset, we will quote you a flat fee for taking on your case and defending you—no matter how long it takes. We don’t quote hourly rates and then have you wonder how many hours we’ll spend in the future. Most important, our team and our experience will most probably save you money in the long run. And, in the end, our fee is tax deductible!

What makes a good tax lawyer?

Simply put, pride and responsibility. At Moskowitz, we pride ourselves in the work we do to help our clients—businesses and individuals—as they face a daunting challenge from the enormous resources of the government. In some cases, we are all that stands between our client and the loss of all of his or her hard-earned assets—or even prison. We take tremendous personal satisfaction in helping our clients to the best possible result.

What do I do if I’m facing an audit?

Government investigations and audits are becoming more aggressive, intrusive and invasive. Having a full-service tax firm representing you is invaluable to ensure that your rights are protected and that you obtain the best result possible in your case. The team at Moskowitz comprises the tax attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, tax processors, enrolled agents, and support staff that you need to give yourself the best possible chance in this situation. Over the past 30 years, our team of legal and accounting professionals has handled tens of thousands of tax matters on both the federal and state tax levels.

What do I do if I’m facing a criminal tax investigation?

A criminal tax investigation has the potential to ruin your business, your career, and your personal relationships. Our legal representation generally begins with trying to stop the investigation. If the investigator persists, we do everything in our power to convince the government to drop your case. If the government refuses to drop the case, we use our unique and extensive experience in both tax law and criminal law to provide you with the best possible representation in court – all while preparing for the civil case which is sure to follow.

What if I am being pursued in a tax collection matter?

Our lawyers are as aggressive as they can be within the bounds of the law. We want you to maintain your livelihood and personal life while we work to help resolve the tax problem. We know when and how to go over an auditor’s head to obtain a due process hearing or go to Tax Court; we also know when it is in the best interests of our clients to move forward through the tax collection process. For clients that owe money to the tax authorities, we are highly skilled at structuring payments that are minimal and manageable over a period of many years. Remember, our goal is to keep you in the business of living your life.

What if English is not my native language?

Our office includes translators of Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hungarian, Arabic, Egyptian, Hindi, German, and Spanish. We work with many individuals and corporations in many languages across the United States and around the world.

What is the Moskowitz Method?

We provide an initial consultation and full representation for a flat fee; we assign a team to you and your matter that includes a tax lawyer, a tax accountant, and a paralegal; and we provide more than 30 years of experience to get you the best possible result.