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Your tax problems won’t solve themselves.
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  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Resolution
  • Tax Audit
  • Tax Court Representation
  • ERC Audits
  • Accounting Services/Bookkeeping
  • Tax Planning
  • Business Advisory Services including Entity Formation & Trademarks
  • Estate Planning
  • Other Services (Legal Opinions, and more)

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Moskowitz LLP was founded so you can reap the same tax
savings as the Fortune 500.

I’m a tax attorney who previously worked as a
CPA. Prior to founding Moskowitz LLP over thirty
years ago, I worked for large firms representing
the Fortune 500, and extremely successful and
wealthy clients. They earned so much, yet
legally paid so little taxes. I realized their legal
benefits should apply to everyone else.

     While other firms may find advanced tax
strategy prohibitively expensive or time
consuming, our hybrid structure of accountants,
enrolled agents, and attorneys allows us to
provide opportunities firms possessing only one
of those may not.


Moskowitz LLP founder, Steve Moskowitz

With a library of up-to-date resources on all things tax, including our signature ebooks
and explainer videos that break down each of our services for you, we are your touchpoint for
an informed and stress-free tax future.

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