International Taxation

As an investor with financial interests in more than one country, you face an ever-increasing level of government scrutiny over your U.S. and foreign holdings and multinational transactions.

The tax law firm of Moskowitz, LLP has a group specifically dedicated to international tax issues, and we dedicate a significant portion of our practice to this area of the law. We routinely assist individuals and businesses with their global tax planning, IRS and other agency reporting, and penalty defense for those who have not complied with the law — providing our clients with cutting-edge advice and representation.

International tax planning

For more than 30 years, we have successfully represented U.S. citizens and residents with financial interests outside the country, and others with international tax challenges. The firm’s clients include individuals, closely-held businesses, and other businesses of all sizes from across the globe.

Reporting & Compliance

Our goal is to help you with your international tax reporting and compliance without your having to pay disproportionate penalties — or any penalties at all.  We also work to shield you from exposure to criminal or civil penalties.

FBAR and IRS reporting penalty defense and litigation

We have a history of success with FBAR and IRS reporting penalty defense and litigation, and will zealously defend you with the government or in court if necessary.

U.S. citizens and residents abroad

We help U.S. citizens and residents in staying abreast of their tax obligations and legally minimizing the tax consequences of their activities abroad.  If you plan to leave the U.S. permanently, we may be able to help you minimize or eliminate any applicable exit taxes.

The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) is an amnesty program for non-compliant taxpayers to come forward with previously undisclosed foreign income, accounts, or assets, and avoid criminal prosecution. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the OVDP program and help you determine whether or not the OVDP is the best available option for you.

Foreign investment in the U.S.

We assist countless individuals and companies take full advantage of all possible U.S. and overseas tax savings opportunities for foreign investment in the U.S.


Our international tax lawyers are well-versed in strategies that can legally eliminate or minimize your domestic and/or foreign corporation’s U.S. and foreign tax obligations.

The Moskowitz, LLP international tax practice

Whether you are outside the U.S. and are considering investing here, are in the U.S. and have foreign financial interests, or are considering venturing abroad, our international tax attorneys may be able to assist you. Contact us today.

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