Moskowitz LLP in the Wall Street Journal

Our founding partner, Steve Moskowitz, contributed to the Wall Street Journal article, “A Treasured Tax Break for the Smart Real-Estate Investor,” which outlines how you can defer capital-gains taxes after selling an investment property by taking advantage of 1031 exchanges. He advised real-estate investors to consider several important aspects, including the possibility of qualifying a vacation home for this exchange, and ensuring the exchange makes business sense.

7 Things You Should Do Before Year-End To Reduce Your 2018 Tax Bill

There’s still time for U.S. taxpayers to legally minimize their 2018 tax bill. Here are some strategies to implement before December 31st.

At the end of every year, many individuals come to our tax firm seeking ways to legitimately minimize or defer their tax liability. Although tax planning should ideally be done regularly throughout the year, it’s not too late to implement some tax-savings strategies at year-end.

7 Things Tax-Savvy Business Owners Should Do Before Year-End

It’s not too late for you to take steps to minimize your 2018 business taxes!

At the end of the year, many small business owners start looking for ways to lower their business taxes. Although the best tax plans are usually implemented year-round, it’s not too late for you to save in 2018 while you begin to plan for next year.