Employment Tax Audits & Disputes

If you are a business owner being investigated by the IRS or California Employment Development Department (EDD) for an employment tax issue, you need an aggressive employment tax dispute attorney on your side. The government takes the failure to pay employment taxes very seriously, and noncompliance can have serious ramifications for you and your business.

The tax attorneys at Moskowitz, LLP are highly skilled at negotiating with tax officials and can employ any number of legal strategies to solve your employment tax problem.

Employment tax penalties

Employment taxes include federal income tax, Social Security and Medicare (FICA) tax withholdings, federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes, and worker’s compensation payments. Failing to report your payroll taxes, using government tax withholdings for other business purposes, wrongfully treating an employee as an independent contractor, and other employment tax violations can result in:

  • Substantial back tax liabilities, interest, and penalties
  • Seizure of your business assets and/or closure of your business
  • Civil proceedings and/or criminal charges

In addition, every officer, major stockholder, or other person affiliated with your business who is responsible for employment tax compliance is personally liable for the payroll taxes of the business. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (“100% Penalty”), places the burden on these “responsible officers” to remit the entire amount due from their personal funds if the company does not pay.

San Francisco employment tax attorneys

Our employment tax attorneys are ready to help you get into compliance, resolve your business tax debt, eliminate or minimize your personal liability, and ensure that your business doors remain open.

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