Business Tax Planning and Reporting

Far too many business owners don’t think about their taxes until the time comes for them to prepare their annual return. By then, however, it is usually too late to outmaneuver many otherwise avoidable tax payments.

Year-round business tax planning with the tax professionals at Moskowitz, LLP can provide you with ongoing professional advice that will significantly improve your tax situation – and your bottom line. You’ll be less likely to face audits, better prepared for them if they come, and have tax lawyers ready to litigate your position if necessary.

Business tax planning services

Our business tax services for S corporations, C corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs) are aimed at developing a strategy that minimizes your income tax liability on the federal, state, and local levels.

We can help you plan for acquisitions, mergers, sales, corporation and partnership dissolutions, consolidations, and use trusts and business valuations in succession planning. As a full-service tax firm dealing with domestic as well as international tax matters, we can also advise you how to properly structure inbound and outbound cross border transactions, make the best use of foreign tax credits and controlled foreign subsidiaries, and take advantage of treaties for multi-national entities.

Our ultimate goal is to legally reduce the amount of your taxable income, lower your tax rate, and ensure that you are claiming all available tax deductions and credits.

Domestic and international reporting

We remain current with constantly changing business tax laws and regulations, and can ensure that you are in compliance with all domestic reporting requirements such as:

  • California Secretary of State filings
  • Federal, state, and local tax returns
  • Employment taxes – FICA (Social Security and Medicare), FUTA
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance
  • Sales, excise, and/or transactional taxes, depending on the type of business and its activities

Businesses are also obligated to report all overseas bank accounts, assets, and income – our foreign investment strategies can save you and your company significant tax dollars while ensuring that you are in compliance with offshore reporting requirements.

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