San Diego woman gets Prison Sentence for State Income Tax Evasion with White Collar Enhancement

This article follows our October post regarding the California tax prosecution of San Diego resident, Sarah Thompson. The 36 year old woman pleaded guilty in October 2012. She has now been sentenced to 4 years in state prison for income tax evasion with a white collar crime enhancement (also pleaded to one count of embezzlement).

From a tax attorney’s perspective, it is important that individuals facing tax criminal and civil tax allegations realize the importance of having a tax attorney defend you. First, once initiated by the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board, a criminal tax investigation is an extremely thorough and burdensome process mired with legal landmines along the way. A tax attorney will help you navigate. Further, although we have not reviewed the details of this case or the plea agreement, some factors we, as tax attorneys would consider are: how this state action will now cause an IRS civil and/or criminal tax case, negotiating the charges pleaded for the future civil (monetary) cases, civil tax fraud penalties, tax losses, and restitution.

With over thirty years of experience we regularly defend taxpayers against government charges of tax and white collar crimes. We strive to keep your personal freedom, assets, and integrity intact.