Criminal Tax Law

Being charged with a tax crime can have a devastating effect on your business and personal life. The IRS aggressively prosecutes taxpayers involved in illegal activities – statistics from 2005 to 2016 show that more than half of its investigations are prosecuted, 88% of those prosecutions end in convictions, and 79% of those indicted receive prison sentences.

Criminal tax issues rarely appear in isolation – they are usually accompanied by parallel civil proceedings and/or other governmental agency investigations. Mounting an effective defense can only be done with the aid of a highly experienced criminal tax attorney. Moskowitz, LLP is among the few law firms nationwide capable of handling cases involving both criminal law and taxation and has a proud record of accomplishments in this area.

Federal tax crimes

We have extensive experience representing individuals accused of a wide range of financial wrongdoing, including tax evasion, conspiracy or aiding and abetting a tax violation, and other forms of tax fraud.

Voluntary disclosure

The Voluntary Disclosure Program enables taxpayers to come into compliance with the IRS and minimize their chances of being charged with criminal tax evasion.

Eggshell audits & parallel proceedings

You must take extreme care in dealing with an eggshell audit since it can easily result in criminal prosecution. Representation by a criminal tax attorney is critical to minimize the chance of triggering a criminal investigation.

White-collar defense

We have significant experience with white-collar financial crimes, including Bank Secrecy Act crimes. We have assisted many taxpayers under government investigation to avoid criminal charges by finding alternative resolutions to indictment.

Employment tax crimes

We routinely provide business owners, shareholders, and investors under investigation for employment tax crimes with an efficient and comprehensive defense.

Tax return preparer representation

We provide tax return preparer representation to individuals charged with tax fraud, tax evasion, or violation of any of the Internal Revenue Service’s ethical standards for tax practitioners – whether the matter involves the practitioner’s own tax return or the tax return of one of the practitioner’s clients.

Witness representation

The government is known to change its interest in witnesses, and turn them into “targets” (those it intends to criminally prosecute). We provide independent witness representation in criminal tax proceedings and can advise you what to do when it is not to your benefit to reveal certain information.

Tax attorneys for California tax crimes

Our goal is to aggressively defend you against any type of financial criminal or civil charge – federal, state, or local – and to help you maintain peace of mind throughout the process. Contact us today.

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