Erik Gholtoghian

Enrolled Agent
415-394-7200 vCard contact


  • Golden Gate University, M.S. in Taxation
  • University of San Francisco, M.S. in Financial Analysis
  • Santa Clara University, Graduate Certificate in Accountancy
  • UC Davis, B.S. in Managerial Economics, with a minor in Communication


Erik is an enrolled agent at Moskowitz LLP, where he enjoys collaborating with his coworkers on an array of interesting tax returns. Before joining the firm, he worked as both a preparer and a tax manager. He has taught CTEC tax preparer classes. In addition, he has tutored both undergraduate and graduate level business students and has written for, where he focused on equity valuation and international finance.
Outside of work, Erik enjoys researching and trading stocks and bonds and fine-tuning his investment portfolio, as well as taking classes on kinesiology and trying out new exercise programs. He is currently a graduate student at Golden Gate University, where he will receive an M.S. in Taxation with a focus in Estate Planning.