Opening Statements Given at Barry Bonds Trial

Legal Analyst Steve Moskowitz Comments

San Francisco, CA- The jury of eight women and four men are seated for the trial of Barry Bonds.  They are a cross-section of ages and professions, including an engineer, two nurses, an investment firm executive and a phlebotomist.  Barry Bonds arrived at court today looking calmer than his initial appearance yesterday.  Is his defense that he thought he was using flaxseed oil and a pain-relieving balm and not steroids believable?

The prosecutors must show Bonds’ testimony was knowingly false to the grand jury. Bond’s trainer Greg Anderson chose not to be present at the trial has been ordered back to prison for his refusal to testify. Steve Moskowitz, Attorney, and Legal Analyst will be providing Comcast TV daily coverage of the trial reporting from the standpoint of a litigator. Jeff Novitzky, the agent who started the BALCO investigation took the stand to talk about the investigation and offered the details of the investigation, which even included combing through BALCO trash looking for evidence of steroid use and substantiating financial records.

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