Legal Analyst Steve Moskowitz Will Report on the Bonds Trial

Jury Selection Begins Today

San Francisco, CA- With a badly tarnished reputation and a not guilty plea, Barry Bonds will appear in U.S. District Court today for the start of his trial. He will listen to arguments asking a jury to decide whether baseball’s home run king set his historic mark while using a long list of banned drugs. Bonds faces one count of obstruction and four charges of lying to a grand jury. Bonds began the day looking nervous but by the time the day ended and the jury was selected it could be the Prosecution that will ultimately be nervous about the outcome of the case. One of the jurors chosen, one of the two African American women on the jury, said during questioning that she thought only Major League Baseball should be involved in steroids, not the government. All it takes is one juror to have reasonable doubt for Bonds to be acquitted.

Steve Moskowitz, Attorney and Legal Analyst will be covering the trial and report on the legal angle of proceedings for Comcast on a daily basis.  He and his team have followed the developments of the case from the initial indictment three years ago and are able to offer an intuitive, open opinion of the proceedings from a litigation standpoint. Judges and lawyers today are questioning over 100 prospective jurors to select the final 12 plus two alternates for the pool.  In the past, Steve has pointed out that this task is challenging as there is little chance there is a juror in town that has not heard or read something about the case. Opening arguments are to begin Tuesday, with the trial expected to last three to four weeks. 

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