Former state senator reports to federal prison

On January 5, 2011, former state of Louisiana Sen. Charles D. Jones was sentenced to  27-months in federal prison for tax evasion. As of this date, it is our understanding that Former Senator Jones has reported to an undisclosed federal prison to begin serving his sentence. The 60-year-old Jones was sentenced following his August conviction on one count of tax evasion and two counts of filing false tax returns. He was also ordered to pay $305,174.05 in restitution.

The United States Department of Justice was able to convince a jury that Mr. Jones took various actions in order to evade paying income taxes, including converting fees paid to Mr. Jones into cashier’s check and cash. Further, the attorneys for the USA were able to convince a jury that Mr. Jones knowing filed false tax returns under-reporting his income. The press release for the Department of Justice quoted United States Attorney, Stephanie A. Finley as stating, “Jones was an elected official of the community at the same time that he was attempting to make a mockery of the tax laws. This conviction should send a message that there are serious consequences for anyone who commits tax offenses. Together with our IRS partners, we will continue to pursue those who flagrantly abuse the tax laws.”

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