Legal Analyst Steve Moskowitz Keeps News on Barry Bonds In Perspective

Covering all Angles of Sports and the Law

San Francisco, CA- The latest on the Barry Bonds court proceeding is being covered by Steve Moskowitz Attorney and Legal Analyst who is providing the legal perspective on the Bonds case almost on a daily basis.  The focus this week has been on Barry Bonds’ former trainer and what evidence can be presented to the jury.  Greg Anderson, Bonds’ former trainer is willing to return to prison because of his refusal to give testimony.  Moskowitz says that will help the Bonds case but may not be enough.  Steve also points out, there’s little chance there is a juror in town that has not heard or read something about the case and whether the evidence is admitted in court or not it’s already in the minds of the jurors.

Legal Analyst Steve Moskowitz has his team covering the court proceedings to witness what evidence is being admitted, which evidence is crucial to the Bonds case and what other topics are occurring in the courtroom and might play a role in the case.  Whether speaking about Bonds or other sports headlines, Steve Moskowitz offers an intuitive, open opinion of what is possible within the bounds of the law. Embracing and explaining the challenges of the law is a passion of Steve’s and his easy manner makes him the attorney to contact when sports news breaks.

Attorney Steve Moskowitz is featured on Sports and the Law every Thursday evening on Chronicle Live and provides the legal perspective on athletes that are accused of wrong-doing, the legal issues of the NFL, NBA, and MLB, backroom deals and more. Steve is also the senior partner of the Law Offices of Stephen Moskowitz, LLP.  For over 30 years Steve and his Law firm, located in the San Francisco financial district, resolve tax-related issues and a wide variety of other tax matters foreign or domestic.

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