Watch This Webinar About California Tax Exit Planning: Key State Tax Issues and Shifting Residency to Maximize Tax Benefits

About This Webinar

Many individuals and businesses are seeking to establish domicile in states with little to no income tax to further estate planning and income tax goals. The panelists will discuss important steps in pre-domicile planning, along with best practices for maintaining the new domicile once it is established in light of challenges from the State of California.

Who is this for?

  • Individuals and Businesses who have moved or are considering moving out of California
  • Non-Residents working remotely with vacation homes or assets in California

What will you learn?

  • How domicile and situs impact tax planning?
  • What steps should an individual or business take to establish a domicile in a new state?
  • What are the critical factors in determining residency for state tax purposes?

This webinar is a must for all who own property in addition to their primary residence, real estate investors, and real estate portfolio managers.

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