Don’t Let Fear Keep You from Solving Your Tax Problem

An IRS audit notice can inspire fear: fear of going to jail, fear of an unpayable fine, even fear that the problem will lead to the end of a marriage or loss of a business. Luckily, much of this fear is completely unfounded.

Bay Area Tax Attorney Steve Moskowitz explains to KGO how clients’ misconceptions that they have committed a crime can actually drive them toward illegal activity such as underground jobs.

Do not dig yourself into an unnecessary hole! Before you take matters into your own hands find out what you are actually facing. It probably isn’t as bad as what you are imagining. In many cases, Moskowitz LPP is able to keep you from talking to the government at all. Explain your situation to Moskowitz and he can take care of it!

One thought on “Don’t Let Fear Keep You from Solving Your Tax Problem

  1. I haven’t filed taxes in 4 yrs this year will be 5. A company was going to charge me a lot took 1/3 of the money and I still don’t know what I owe my income has gone down a bit I just didn’t have enough taxes taken out of my checks I need help before they garnish my wages or get my 401k

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