Watch Our Latest Webinar on Historic Building Tax Credits

Recorded: Tuesday, January 25

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Real estate is an important part of any comprehensive financial portfolio, but when it comes to utilizing tax credits, many property owners continue to lose out.

Despite the benefits, finding and applying applicable tax credits can be difficult and overly complicated, meaning many property owners often fail to take advantage of credits they may qualify for.

To help you identify potential tax credits, this webinar will address some of the top federal and state real estate tax credits. Examples include the historic rehabilitation tax credit, multi-residential and residential credits, Opportunity Zones, TCJA and Section 179D deduction, and energy-related incentives.


  • Federal Real Estate Tax Credit
  • State of California Real Estate Tax Credits
  • Working with your Real Estate Advisors and Tax Professionals
  • Common IRS inquiries related to Real Estate Positions

Steve started the full service tax law firm of Moskowitz LLP because he saw an opportunity to help smaller businesses and individuals see how the tax law can work for them. For more than 30 years, he has made it is his personal mission to help business owners and individuals take advantage of the tax law and the many incentives for tax savings that are provided by Congress.

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