The Barry Bonds Trial, A Recap of Week Two

The second week of the trial was full of conflicting testimony. Most of the witnesses put on the witness stand by the government have reliability issues. The government seems to be losing the case but for the testimony of one witness Kathy Hoskins, the former personal shopper of Barry who, under oath, stated that she saw Greg Anderson give Barry Bonds a shot. In the 2003 testimony transcript, Bonds is asked: “Did Greg ever give you anything that required a syringe to inject yourself with?” Bonds responds by saying that the only injections he ever received — no matter the substance — were from doctors. Bonds is then asked specifically if Anderson or his associates have ever “injected anything” into Bonds — and the reply from Barry is: “No, no.”

With all the tidbits of scandal heard in the courtroom this week I am sure the jury is having a hard time remembering that Bonds is on trial for perjury.