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by Moskowitz LLP

2022 is a unique year
in tax history.

We have your back during and after filing.
Hire Our Team of Tax Experts!
Save on Taxes and on Headaches.

Recognize the fact that this year of all years, your tax return needs the help. You’re going to be dealing with new tax brackets, and a powerful, well-funded audit enforcement ramp-up from the IRS aimed at all taxpayers.

With high inflation,
and a potential recession looming,
it’s time
to get real.

Moskowitz LLP provides a grounded approach
to avoiding risk and maximizing benefits.

Routine and
Complex Filings

Moskowitz LLP handles federal, state, and
local taxes, for individuals, corporations,
partnerships, trusts, and estates, legally
minimizing our clients’ tax obligations.

Special Circumstances?
We’re Prepared.

Are you a self-employed or gig worker
terrified of reporting your many sources
of income correctly? We can show you
the nuances that help you streamline
your business, show it on your return,
and maximize deductions.

Previous Problems?
No Problem.

If you’ve had previous tax compliance,
substantiation, or reporting issues, we can
prepare your return, and help you avoid
future audits or letters from the IRS.

Crypto and Stock
Options Made Simple

If you’ve traded crypto or stock options in
2022, reporting them wrong could balloon
your tax bill. Moskowitz LLP ensures you
handle these corrections correctly so you
don’t overpay.

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Why hire Moskowitz LLP?

Experience. We have been preventing tax missteps for our domestic and international clients for over thirty years. In that time, we’ve distilled our observations into two lessons.

1. don’t go up against the tax man alone (let alone the United States government).
2. we help businesses stay in business.

Inter-Disciplinary Mastery. We use a team approach between tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents to identify tax objectives for each client, and meet them. This inter-disciplinary fund of knowledge lets us lower your taxes while protecting you from the consequences of an IRS audit, tax dispute, or bill you can’t pay. It also keeps us up to speed in new fields like cannabis business and cryptocurrency taxation.

Aggressive Representation. We know that successfully addressing our clients’ needs requires more than just mastery of rules and regulations. It demands strong advocacy. We excel, and win, in tax disputes, pre-litigation tax matters, tax litigation, collections representation, and defense of crimes.

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eligible to save on your 2022 return.



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