Steve Moskowitz interviewed by KGO Radio: IRS Tactics, Collection agents, IRS Passport Confiscations

Steve Moskowitz Interviewed on KGO Radio by Brian Copeland

Steve Moskowitz discusses how overwhelming tax bills can be and that the IRS is in a period of maximum enforcement. Enforcement agents are being hired by the IRS as well as collection agencies who are collecting delinquent taxes from individuals who owe income taxes. IRS can seize US Passports of individuals who owe $50,000 or more in back taxes.Steve discusses how the IRS is really coming after people now in terms of individuals and businesses with tax debts, stating “The enforcement has gotten strong.” Steve discusses how beneficial and powerful Collection Due Process Hearings can be for individuals who owe taxes. Steve Moskowitz also explains how appealing a Collection Due process Hearing Determination can give individuals additional rights and remedies.

Questions asked by listeners:

  • Chris, Livermore, CA: Family is selling land to a builder, father hasn’t filed tax returns (unfiled tax returns) for 15 years or more. The IRS has put a tax lien against the property they wish to sell.

Steve: Difference between criminal failure to file tax returns and civil matter, re: Substitute for Returns (SFR), and more…

  • Ty, Antioch, CA : Had taxes prepared by a national tax preparation firm. Even though, they were not married, the preparer listed his dependants as step-children. Ty did not pay for Audit Protection.

Steve: Discusses making sure that it is important to have trustworthy representation even in preparation of your taxes.

  • Charlie, Santa Clara, CA: Girlfriend owes $10,000 to State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), should she seek an Offer in Compromise.

Steve: An Offer in Compromise may be possible but they are hard to get because, if was easy, everyone would do it. Discusses Hardship Deferral options available by IRS and FTB.

  • Jeffery, Mountain View, CA: Son is deep in debt with IRS because of divorce and child support payments. How can people afford a tax attorney?

Steve: Gives caller some options…, and more.

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