A Q&A with Joseph Bray, associate tax attorney at Moskowitz LLP

Joseph M. Bray is an associate tax attorney at Moskowitz LLP, providing insight and experience to cases concerning corporate and personal tax disputes. Read this Question and Answer session to learn more about Bray’s approach to tax law and his experience with the firm.

How do you add to the vision of Moskowitz LLP?

I am able to adapt within multiple practice areas within the firm’s current tax practice and I am willing to take on new practice areas, cases, clients and challenges.

What do you believe drives you as an attorney? Why did you want to practice law?

I am driven by successful results obtained for the firm’s clients. I like effectively resolving a client’s legal matter. I became an attorney for the challenging work and the financial stability.

Describe a few of your favorite case highlights:

  • Settlement of an IRS multi-year income tax audit for where the IRS accepted the client’s original tax position and issued a tax refund to the client.
  • Settlement of an IRS audit eliminating over $748,000 of proposed additional tax.
  • The criminal tax cases and civil cases that may go criminal are threat always challenging, and thus, memorable.

Who was your most rewarding client and why?

A potential criminal tax client with over 10 years of unfiled tax returns who we successfully brought into compliance with the taxing agencies without a criminal referral. The client credited our firm for changing his life.

Describe your work and educational background.

I have worked in private practice since obtaining my law license in 1998. During that time, I achieved the level of partner in a commercial real estate, tax and litigation boutique law firm. I graduated with honors from the University of California, Davis with a degree in political science – public service and received my law degree from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

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