Wesley Snipes to serve three years in federal prison for not filing tax returns

Owing taxes is not a crime, but his willfully not filing a tax return is

San Francisco, CA – It is not a crime to owe money to the IRS. If Wesley Snipes had filed his tax returns but couldn’t pay he would not be going prison. Willfully not filing is where it gets serious. This law has been around for years, but its now aggressively being enforced by the IRS and state. The IRS is after the regular taxpayer, not just celebrity examples.

Tax Attorney Steve Moskowitz has represented thousands of clients who have not filed their returns and they have not been criminally charged. If you do not file it the IRS makes up tax returns and sends you a bill often for more than you would owe if you had filed. The IRS and State can then take your wages and assets for non-payment. The Law Offices of Steve Moskowitz, LLP represents the regular businessman and taxpayer and protects their rights.

For many years Steve Moskowitz has used the airwaves to talk about the importance of coming forward before the IRS or State comes to you. The Law Offices of Steve Moskowitz, LLP is a tax law firm representing individuals and businesses with any type of tax situation such as IRS and state audits, civil and criminal matters, payroll and sales tax returns, tax planning, and preparation of current and delinquent tax returns. Practicing tax for over 30 years they are located in the Financial District of San Francisco.