Steroid Shots in Parking Lots

What Really is At Stake in the Bonds Trial

San Francisco CA – Back on the witness stand for a second time, former SF Giant Marvin Benard was cross-examined by the defense trying to prove that Greg Anderson never specifically told athletes that he was, in fact, giving them steroids.  He was followed by former Oakland A’s ballplayer Randy Velarde who testified how he would meet trainer Greg Anderson in parking lots during the 2002 spring training. Velarde described the injections he would receive from Anderson saying that they gave him more “endurance and strength.” He also stated that he does not recall Anderson ever saying anything about giving him the infamous “cream” and “the clear.” It appears from players called as witnesses that the government wants the jury to believe that if all the other ballplayers knew Anderson was giving them steroids, then Bonds must also have known.

The tone of questioning was changed with the next witnesses for the government. Facts and statements beginning with IRS agent Michael Wilson who recounted the methodology of a search, evidence handling, and record keeping. The process by which Bonds urine was transported to and tested by the labs was described by former IRS agent Ana Geter and UCLA lab employee Brian Bishop.  A total of six UCLA Lab employees took the stand testifying as to their role in the specific testing. Not appearing today but expected to give convincing testimony is Don Caitlin, known as the expert of drug testing in sports.

What I find disturbing as a tax attorney is that Michael Wilson, an IRS Criminal Investigations Division special agent of 17 years actually testified today under oath that there is no rule or procedure that he knows of or follows for handling and documenting evidence seized under a search warrant by the IRS. So apparently we are supposed to just then accept that he handled Bonds’ urine samples with the utmost care and efficacy but we can’t compare it to any required procedure because apparently there is none. Since there’s no procedure to follow I guess we are just to hope that Mr. Wilson was careful and got it right.

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