December 2013 Tax Newsletter: Real Estate Industry, Tax Laws

Dear Real Estate Industry:

So often colleagues, friends and clients who are experts, industry leaders, or otherwise enthusiasts run into topics and issues that we find interesting from a tax law perspective.  However, because we generally spend our time unraveling and fixing complex legal, tax, and accounting problems, we realize that we haven’t been sharing our take on issues that are likely important to you or haven’t passed some nuggets of information on that you might find useful.  Therefore, we are trying something new!

Each month or so, we will compile recent developments, issues that we have encountered or other news in the Real Estate Industry and share it with you.   Please, if you have a particular item of interest, email the editor, Liz Prehn.  If you see something that you want to speak about, please contact us to explore the possibilities. Please note that this newsletter is general in nature and none of it relates to individual client matters or confidential information, therefore, please feel free to share this newsletter with colleagues, family and friends.

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