Christopher Housh Appointed Chapter Director 2013 – 2015 GGSEA

Golden Gate Society of Enrolled Agents

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March. 5, 2013 – Moskowitz LLP, a San Francisco-based tax law firm, is proud to announce that Christopher Housh, E.A. will be serving as Chapter Director for the Golden Gate Society of Enrolled Agents (GGSEA) between June 2013 and May 2015.

The GGSEA is a professional organization of individuals who have been licensed to represent taxpayers in their dealings with the Internal Revenue Service.

Christopher Housh has worked at Moskowitz LLP for over 12 years, beginning as a legal document assistant before ascending to his position as an Enrolled Agent. He will continue to work for the firm full-time throughout his tenure as Chapter Director.

“I want to bring a closer sense of unity between tax professionals in the Bay Area, whether they be Enrolled Agents, CPAs, or Tax Attorneys,” says Housh. “My experiences and successes working within a tax law firm that employs all three types of licensed tax professionals, has demonstrated that when utilized together, the value provided to the taxpayer client is truly greater than the sum of any one part.”

Throughout his time with Moskowitz LLP, Chris has established a reputation among clients and tax agency representatives for his knowledge, dedication, and warmth, and has facilitated agreeable settlements for countless Bay Area taxpayers facing audits, tax liabilities, and other challenges.

“I will be presenting the interests of the Enrolled Agents of San Francisco and the Peninsula to the Board of the Golden Gate Chapter,” Chris says of his role within the GGSEA. “I also intend to be involved in tax advocacy, such as meeting with the state assembly and legislature members about pending tax legislation.”

Steve Moskowitz, Esq., founding partner of Moskowitz LLP, made the following statement regarding the appointment:
“This is part of our ever-striving effort to work with the community, tax professionals and the government to better achieve the end goals of our clients and to promote awareness of tax issues in California and the Nation.”

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