Warren Cook

Chief Operations Officer
415-394-7200 contact


  • Walden University
    Master of Science (M.S.),
    Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    2014 - 2015

    Project Management
    2009 - 2010

    Bachelor of Science (BS),
    Human Resource Management
    2001 - 2008


As Chief Operations Officer at Moskowitz LLP, Warren uses a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to speak across traditional company boundaries to, well, human beings. He establishes mutually beneficial relationships between every area at our firm, catalyzing service delivery to our clients by leveraging the most important asset we have at Moskowitz LLP—the people who work here.

Prior to his arrival at Moskowitz LLP, Warren’s human resources leadership transformed functional areas at other organizations, opening up their limited mandates and scopes of work and making their employees broad-thinking, strategic players with seats at the table. As Director of Human Resources at the Family Court of the State of Delaware, Warren provided competency-based skills training, as well as interview prep and resume review for employees to gain agency and control over their career direction. While it may seem counter-intuitive to prepare existing employees for a job search, training resulted in increased ownership of responsibilities, and a higher level of execution. Adding value to the family court work experience improved job satisfaction, and led to more goals being met.

Now, as a uniquely good fit for Moskowitz LLP, Warren draws upon this experience mediating between judges, attorneys, law firms, and clients, experience about which he regularly presents at national meetings of the Association of Legal Administrators. He unites it with his business expertise guiding startups, and his achievements in consulting in the public and private sectors. The former president and CEO of Symbiance HR, a consulting firm specializing in strengthening, developing, and engaging human capital, Warren is particularly suited to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and process improvement at Moskowitz LLP.

He lives in the San Luis valley in central Colorado with his wife, where he loves to hike, travel, raise animals, and plans to rescue donkeys and cows on his ranch.