Art Chianese

Accounting Services Manager


  • New York Institute of Technology, MBA
  • The George Washington University, BBA


Art builds bookkeeping and tax planning services for Moskowitz LLP clients from the ground up. On the bookkeeping side, Art compiles transactional information from our clients into digestible, actionable financial statements that our team uses to prepare tax returns. Meeting monthly, quarterly or annually with clients, Art works with them to supplement and augment their expertise in their particular field by helping them take day-to-day steps in their financial planning year-round to reduce their tax liability. Your tax burden doesn’t begin at the deadline, and Art proactively implements review processes to help clients pay estimated taxes, avoid audits, and adhere to an optimized tax plan. A licensed CPA with twenty-three years of experience, Art invaluably bridges the worlds of legal and accounting at Moskowitz through his attention to detail, searching for solutions for his clients that reflect his ambition to help people obtain the best tax result possible under the law.