Return Review & Opinions

The tax lawyers and accountants at Moskowitz, LLP routinely conduct reviews of individual and business tax returns and provide tax opinions relating to a wide variety of tax matters. Our goal is to legally eliminate or minimize the taxes of individuals and businesses.

Tax return review

Having a tax attorney review your annual returns can be very effective in the development of a sound tax strategy for you or your business.

You can rest assured that you will be in compliance with federal and state tax laws, and will receive the maximum benefits provided by law.  Remember our tax laws have two purposes: 1) provide revenue to the government, and 2) provide tax incentives to promote certain economic behavior which can lead to considerable tax savings. Our analysis will provide you with a better understanding of current and potential tax issues, and help you to develop the most comprehensive and effective tax reduction and/or tax deferment strategies for the future.

Through our tax return reviews, we often discover tax non-compliance issues and have been able to remedy them before they cause major problems. We have helped clients restructure one or more of their business transactions for greater tax advantage and/or amend prior-year tax returns in order to receive tax benefits that had previously been overlooked.

Tax Opinions

Our tax opinions involve a thorough examination of relevant laws, regulations, and court cases, and provide our clients with information regarding the tax consequences of their intended transactions. Tax opinions can also provide information to you and to third parties regarding the proper tax reporting of anticipated or already completed transactions. Sometimes they provide a tax advantage that allows a deal, that was otherwise stalled or nearly abandoned, to be finalized.

Our firm has prepared written tax opinions on a wide variety of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-immigration tax planning
  • Tax residency status
  • Inbound-outbound tax transactions, both international and domestic
  • Entity classifications
  • Worker classifications
  • Mergers
  • Trusts and asset protection
  • Use of pensions in tax planning
  • Taxes in bankruptcy
  • Insolvency analysis
  • Theft loss Analysis
  • Loan / gift transaction classifications

Our tax opinions provide taxpayers with invaluable guidance on how to structure transactions to their greatest benefit. Others have gained tremendous advantage prior to a tax controversy by having their tax position fully developed at the outset.

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