Title and Escrow

The key to a successful real estate acquisition is a clear title and a property that is marketable and insurable. This is accomplished through careful attention and professional legal oversight throughout the escrow process.

Moskowitz, LLP’s experienced attorneys provide security for the firm’s clients and their real estate investments. We represent individuals, real estate developers, and major builders with everything from single residences to large commercial and industrial properties with multiple facilities, both domestic and foreign.

Ensuring marketable title
A title search is the process of determining from the public record that the seller has the right to sell and that the buyer will obtain all the rights to the property. The search process begins with the issuance of a title policy, which ensures the buyer and the lender from property loss or damage due to liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title.

Our attorneys carefully review all title documents, carefully examining the title policy to ensure that all of our client’s requirements are met. We also ensure that all appropriate endorsements are in place.

Preparing for a successful escrow
Whether or not issues arise concerning the real estate contract, our attorneys can facilitate a smooth and successful escrow. We prepare or review all documents required for the completion of our client’s real estate transactions. We ensure that our client’s funds and financial instruments are being securely collected, allocated, and distributed and that all necessary documentation has been properly executed and recorded.

Our firm works with title companies, lenders, agents, attorneys, appraisers, insurance companies, surveyors, pest inspectors, and other settlement providers. To ensure that environmental due diligence is appropriately conducted, we oversee the carrying out of building and asbestos inspections and testing for radon gas. We ensure regulatory compliance, evaluate the impact of neighboring sites, and handle other necessary assessments. For commercial and industrial properties, we arrange for environmental, health & safety compliance audits if appropriate.

Expert legal services for title and escrow
Moskowitz, LLP provides expert, real estate, tax, and accounting services for all your legal needs. We do our best to facilitate the efficient and seamless closing on your property. Contact our team today.

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