White Collar / Financial Crimes

The white collar criminal defense practice at Moskowitz LLP, A Tax Law Firm, represents defendants during grand jury and administrative enforcement proceedings, criminal trials, internal investigations, parallel proceedings, and related federal and state tax proceedings.

Businesses and individuals in California, and throughout the United States, face increasingly aggressive government enforcement. Matters formerly handled through civil or regulatory processes now result in criminal investigations. Our law firm brings particular strengths when representing a defendant facing criminal and any related criminal and civil enforcement proceedings. Moskowitz LLP has more than thirty years of experience in contesting government allegations. Our years of experience provide you with extensive criminal and related civil representation in matters such as tax issues, which arise in these types of cases. As a result of our comprehensive practice, we have the representation experience you need before the US Department of Justice, State of California, and enforcement at a variety of regulatory agencies. We understand that the best result for a client is to avoid any prosecution, and our significant government experience helps our clients to navigate the difficult and frightening process of investigation. Additionally, our substantial experience with compliance programs helps us to advise our clients on the best practices to prevent criminal problems from developing. But if you do face criminal charges, we have the wide-ranging trial experience you need to mount an aggressive defense.

Our firm's broad range of substantive experience permits us to offer an integrated approach to the full range of problems you may experience. Criminal and government enforcement activity usually does not appear in isolation; they are accompanied by parallel proceedings, civil litigation, or other agency investigations. Contact Moskowitz LLP and allow our legal team to establish an efficient and integrated defense on your behalf.

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