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Our Tax Law Firm Success & Experience Examples

See our additional success & experience examples to the right.

Our tax law firm regularly advises clients on all aspects of federal and state tax law. Our tax practice provides federal and state tax planning advice on how to minimize the impact of federal and state income tax liability, establish the proper business planning to mitigate federal income tax liability, properly plan international inbound and outbound transactions, and comprehensively plan an estate.

Examples of recent legal opinions rendered:

  • Tax Opinion on whether the settlement awards received by the San Bruno fire victims should be included in their taxable income,
  • Tax Opinion for a medium sized California city regarding its employment benefits plan and compensation structure of city council members,
  • Tax Opinion advising a Silicon Valley high tech company regarding the implementation of a tax-free restructure, tax-free spinoff, and reorganization plan,
  • Tax Opinion regarding the most favorable tax treatment of a $2,000,0000 judgment against a City Police Department obtained for the unlawful arrest of our client,
  • Numerous Tax Opinions issued to resident aliens in the United States on the tax implications of foreign investments, see Offshore Practice Group.
  • Advised numerous U.S. citizens living abroad concerning their U.S. tax planning.

Examples of recent Private Letter Rulings Obtained:

  • IRS private letter ruling obtained for a former president of a prominent Silicon Valley pharmaceutical corporation regarding the classification of his compensation for federal (and by operation of State law) income tax purposes.

Examples of recent Closing Agreements:

Sometimes we can obtain a result by taking advantage of the government’s motivation to settle a tax matter quickly and quietly. For instance, we were able to obtain a closing agreement saving our client over $1,000,000, in taxes and penalties. The case involved whether the statute of limitations could be utilized as a defense to foreclose the IRS from assessing tax liabilities against the clients for previous tax years. The IRS National Office in Washington agreed to stipulate that the holding of the United States Supreme Court in United States v. Home Concrete & Supply, LLC will control whether the statute of limitations forecloses the IRS from assessing tax deficiencies against our clients for previous years. At the time of our negotiations with the National Office, the United States Supreme Court had yet to render a decision in the case. The United States Supreme Court ultimately decided favorably. The agreement that our firm negotiated on behalf of our clients resulted in a savings of well over a million dollars in taxes, penalties, and interest.

  • Closing Agreement obtained regarding the potential dischargability of federal tax liabilities stemming from Son of Boss tax shelter.
*The results portrayed in the cases mentioned on this site are dependent on the facts of that particular case, and results may differ if based on different facts. The case study and/or success stories shared herein are for informational purposes only. It is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice. For more information please call 1∙888∙829-3325 or (415) 394-7200 or complete our consultation request form.
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