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Each member of Moskowitz LLP, A Tax Law Firm is devoted to defending our client’s rights before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and various state taxing agencies. At Moskowitz LLP, we understand the emotional stress that coincides with a tax audit, IRS or State, civil or criminal investigation. If your tax returns have been selected for an audit or a tax return that you filed is the subject of an investigation by the IRS or another taxing agency, immediately contact our experienced tax defense team at Moskowitz LLP. The sooner you contact us the better. Moskowitz LLP, will use our 30 plus years of experience to prepare a vigorous defense in your case. Our experienced tax lawyers will use their years of experience to defend your rights both before the IRS and state taxing authorities. From California to any other state in the United States, our lawyers are here to defend your rights and provide an effective defense strategy in any tax audit.

The tax lawyers at Moskowitz LLP have represented thousands of clients before the IRS and various state taxing agencies. If we cannot resolve any of our client’s audits during an audit, we routinely take the controversy before the United States Tax Court, United States Court of Federal Claims, or a United States District Court. We have litigated and tried hundreds of cases. Although your facts, circumstances and results can differ, we have obtained outstanding results before various Courts and administrative agencies nationwide.

What makes us different?

The cornerstone of Moskowitz LLP is to provide our clients with skilled and aggressive legal representation in tax matters with personal service, efficiency, professionalism, and most importantly outstanding results. As tax attorneys with years of experience, we know that audit representation requires a certain degree of toughness -- along with an intimate knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and the United States Constitution that can only be realized with experience. Our attorneys often utilize the IRS own regulations against them in defending our clients. Furthermore, our attorneys also make sure that our clients’ Constitutional rights are jealously guarded.

In general, when somebody is faced with a tax audit, it is an unsettling experience. Anybody facing a tax audit deserves to have a tax attorney who will fight for and protect their rights. We are vehement in our representation of each and every client. We understand that everyone who is facing a tax audit is under tremendous stress and pressure. We know that our clients are in crisis and we are here to advocate for and protect each and every one of them.

The attorneys with Moskowitz LLP defends all types of federal and state tax audits in California and throughout the United States. The overall experience of our tax lawyers and Firm are simply too vast to list. Call Moskowitz LLP today to receive more information regarding the audits that we have defended in the past and how that can benefit you.

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