Real Estate Professional - Federal Tax Dispute; IRS Audit to Tax Court

Any individual who submits a federal tax return has the potential to be audited by the IRS. While the percentage may be very low, there are a variety of methods used in selecting the specific returns for audit, especially if it looks to them that you have potentially participated in an abusive tax avoidance transaction, you may be selected. Other forms of tracking are information matching, computer scoring and related examinations, for example, having a business partner selected for an audit can actually increase your chances of being audited as well, especially if the figures don’t match the initial findings. Many large corporations are examined annually, regardless. But no matter how you are selected, when you are, it is important to understand what is being required of you and the exact length of time you have to respond. When it comes to the audit process, you need to remember to stand your ground.

The IRS may have disallowed your deductions or the losses you took in your business due to your expenses. You may also have had a problem with the IRS not only disallowing business expenses but accusing you of receiving income you did not report. We will stand beside you through what can be a difficult time of negotiations. Not only will we help you with the problem you are facing now, but we will work with you to help you plan for the future.

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