In addition to our extensive experience with the full range of local, state, federal and international tax matters, our firm’s real estate services include (but are not limited to):

Real Estate

A couple came into our San Francisco office the other day, frustrated with their tax bill. They wanted to know what they could do to lower their tax rate. Given the number of tax breaks available to real estate investors, we discussed the possibility of their purchasing some real estate to provide them with an additional revenue stream as well as tax deductions. We also discussed how Internal Revenue Code §467 deferred rental agreements or as a real estate professional might provide additional tax advantages in their situation.

Given our firm’s extensive experience with income and real estate tax issues, including litigating hundreds of Section 467 cases and real estate professional cases, the couple is confident in our ability to anticipate tax problems in their new venture and to deal with the IRS if necessary. Our accounting staff will prepare their tax returns. Our in-house real estate lawyer will be available to prepare lease agreements, handle title issues and manage any property disputes. For this couple, we are a “one stop shop” to maximum tax savings, optimal tax planning and recordkeeping assistance, tax preparation and legal defense, as well as an ongoing source of real estate business advice.

You too can take advantage of the personalized and collaborative approach that distinguishes the real estate and tax law firm of Moskowitz, LLP.

California real estate and tax law firm

The law firm Moskowitz, LLP is a diverse group of attorneys and accounting professionals who understand the intricacies of real estate and taxation. Call us at (888) 829-3325 or (415) 394-7200.

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