The tax law firm of Moskowitz LLP provides global tax planning advice and representation. We are international tax attorneys and we dedicate a significant portion of our practice to international tax practice. Our firm was organized to fill a need that was not addressed in the general tax community. Most small and large law firms have a tax department; however, these departments are typically made up of general tax attorneys. Our firm has a group dedicated to international tax. The tax attorneys in our international tax group not only have been awarded advanced graduate degrees in taxation (LL.M.), but many have international tax experience with the “Big Four” accounting firms, and have worked in prestigious international law firms located outside the U.S. Our experience allows us to provide our clients with cutting edge advice in the area of international tax.

We routinely advise domestic companies in areas of Subpart F planning, foreign tax treaty planning, cross-border financing arrangements, global tax planning, entity formation in jurisdictions outside the U.S., check-the-box regulations, and dividend repatriation. We also advise foreign individuals and businesses with inbound U.S. tax planning. Inbound U.S. tax planning often requires a balancing of U.S. income tax considerations on the one hand, and U.S. federal gift and estate tax considerations on the other.

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