For over 30 years, the attorneys of the tax law firm of Moskowitz, LLP have defended clients nationwide in tax litigation cases and when necessary on a pro hac vice basis. We regularly represent individual clients, small and large corporations in a number of diverse industries, tax accountants, and even other tax attorney. Throughout the years, we have achieved stellar results in all types of challenging tax litigation cases. We have significant advocacy and trial experience in just about every possible venue throughout the United States. We have litigated cases before the United States Tax Court, United States District Courts, United States Court of Federal Claims, United States Bankruptcy Court, United States Courts of Appeal, and state courts in a number of different jurisdictions.

Few tax law firms are as active in tax litigation as we have been over the years. It is not uncommon for tax attorneys from other law firms to consult us about published decisions in cases we litigated. The Internal Revenue Service also reads these decisions. We are one of a select group of tax litigators who have litigated foreign bank account penalty controversies and we may be the only law firm that has sued the United States in cases involving foreign financial account penalties. Our litigation has resulted in significant changes in the process the Internal Revenue Service utilizes to impose penalties against persons that have not timely disclosed foreign financial accounts.

Tax litigation is unlike any other area of legal practice. In this high-stakes arena, understanding when to litigate a case and when to negotiate a settlement of a tax controversy is extremely important. We regularly negotiate favorable settlements with Appeals Officers, Internal Revenue Service District Counsel, the United States Department of Justice, and even the Internal Revenue Service National Office. Whether we litigate a tax controversy or negotiate a settlement, we always work hard to achieve highly favorable results on behalf of our clients.

Our tax litigation cases are taken on a flat fee basis. This means that our clients know their legal fees upfront, and will never have to be concerned about receiving exceedingly high legal bills in the middle of their case. Since we have literally litigated hundreds of cases, our experience allows us to determine a fixed fee before we even begin working on a case.

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