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Matters are brought to trial with the intent to serve justice through the presentation of evidence. When evidence conflicts, an expert witness can provide invaluable insight in determining the truth of a situation. Experts, who have specialized training and education or professional experience, are often called upon to testify on subjects within their area of expertise. Because their statements can be crucial in determining the outcome of a case, an expert witness is expected to provide a reliable opinion based on factual evidence that goes beyond the point of ordinary education and life experience, as well as technical analysis and detailed explanations of technical terms or topics.

Because of Moskowitz LLP’s unique understanding of individual and corporate tax law, offshore interests and international tax matters, along with the Bank Secrecy Act, our partners and associates are regularly called upon as expert witnesses to provide opinions in tax matters. As well as defending our clients, we are routinely called upon by our peers to provide advice and strategy analysis on matters such as employment status, corporate investment schemes, fraud allegations, dischargeability of taxes in bankruptcy, professional malpractice matters and more.

As a former professor of law, experienced, with over 30 years practicing tax law, Steve Moskowitz is well qualified to render opinions in tax cases. Many of our attorneys hold advanced law degrees in taxation (LL.M) and have appeared in hundreds of cases before various courts such as the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, and U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

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